About Us

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Vision Statement

We envision the Parks and Recreation Department as a leader in connecting this community, promoter of health and wellness and a provider of beautiful parks for all ages, abilities, and interest to enjoy; making Hernando A Great Place to Play!

Mission Statement

We will host events that bring the community together. We will provide programs that encourage scholarship and a lifestyle of health and wellness. We will offer affordable activities for all ages and levels of play. We will provide parks that are safe and clean.


Hernando Parks and Recreation Staff

Dewayne Williams, Parks Director, hernandoparks@cityofhernando.org

Dolly Brechin, Program Director, hernandorecreation@cityofhernando.org

Chris Couch, Sports Director, sports@cityofhernando.org

Michael Carson, Sports Director, mcarson@cityofhernando.org

Micheal Gross, Maintenance Supervisor, Pmaintenance@cityofhernando.org

Hollie Peters, Receptionist, parksreceptionist@cityofhernando.org