Hernando’s animal control program includes enforcement of the City’s Animal Control Ordinance as well as operation of the Animal Shelter.

The City of Herando requires that all dogs be on a leash. Animals which are picked up by the Animal Control Officer and not immediately claimed are eligible for adoption after 5 business days.  Anyone who comes across a vicious animal is asked to call the police immediately at 662.429.9096.

If you have lost an animal, please call the Animal Control Officer at the number listed above or e-mail  For animals lost outside the Hernando City limits, please call the DeSoto County Animal Shelter at 662.429.5013.

Pictures of pets available for adoption from our shelter will be shown on our Facebook page at  The Animal Control staff also holds pet adoption events at various locations in the city. These are listed on the community calendar, listed at the top of the page.

The city is dedicated to spaying and neutering all animals who are adopted out of our shelter.  We provide this service, along with needed vaccinations, but ask that you make a donation of $40 to help offset the costs.

Special thanks to North American Electric for the continued financial and other support they provide to the shelter.  If you would also like to donate to help with shelter operations, please contact 429-9096. You may also donate at City Hall at 475 West Commerce Street.

The Animal Shelter does not have regular hours. For an appointment, please call 662.429.9096.