Defensive Driving School

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Defensive Driving School (DDS) is offered to anyone under the age of 21 years old with no prior violations AND whom has not taken a defensive driving school class.  To attend DDS, you must get signed up prior to your court date.

Adult Defensive Driving School (ADDS) is offered to anyone 21 years old or older, who has not had any violations or taken the ADDS in the last three years.  The adult must pay for the ticket plus $10.00 in full, and sign up prior to the court date.

To get credit for DDS or ADDS the certificates must be returned to the court within 90 days of your scheduled court date… no extensions are given.

DDS and ADDS classes are $50 due to the school upon your pre-registration.
Only certain on-line ADDS classes are available and accepted by the court, please ask about these when signing up

CDL license holders are not eligible to take any Defensive Driving School programs